Sigma Chi at Iowa State University

Our Challenges

Ensuring the academic success of our members and assisting the Chapter in recruiting and retaining quality men are certainly the top goals of our alumni and undergraduates. Our facility is instrumental in achieving these goals by providing a competitive living and learning center that also serves as a symbol of our shared vision of excellence. It became clear that we needed to make a major investment in our facility so we can provide a beneficial educational experience in an up-to-date and up-tocode facility that will serve future generations of college men.


There has been a paradigm shift in the housing market at Iowa State, as today’s college students and their parents expect more for their housing dollars. Renovated residence halls and fraternity houses, as well as new apartment complexes, pull our undergraduates and potential new members away from the Sigma Chi house by offering more space, privacy, and amenities such as suite-style bedrooms, a green living environment, and high-tech capabilities. We must offer a safe, attractive, and efficient facility.  

Safety and Functionality

To comply with revised local building and safety codes, by 2012 all student living facilities in Ames had to be equipped with life-safety items, such as sprinkler systems, fire-rated doors, and upgraded building accessibility.  This, coupled with the inadequacy of our electrical and plumbing systems and a kitchen that must be updated, was the motivating factor in the need for a reconstructed Chapter House. Upgrading and repairing the present systems were simply not cost effective.

Academics and Technology

The Chapter House did not provide the adequate technology infrastructure to meet the needs of today’s students, who bring more electronic equipment to college than ever before. This issue, as well as the need to provide well-lit and comfortable study space within the Chapter House, ment that we must make a significant investment in the facility to provide the educational support Iowa State students require.


House Plans

  • sigma-chi-front-3d
    3D View from LIncoln Way
  • Sigma-Chi-West-Elevation
    Sigma Chi West Elevation (Grey Avenue)
  • Sigma-Chi-South-Elevation
    Sigma Chi South Elevation (Back of House)
  • Sigma-Chi-North-Elevation
    Sigma Chi North Elevation (Lincoln Way)
  • Sigma-Chi-East-Elevation
    Sigma Chi East Elevation (from ATOs)


The new Sigma Chi house will be French Normandy in style, with a brick and stone exterior and a pitched slate roof.   The interior of the house will feature bright and open common spaces on the first floor with a large deck adjacent to the dining room, overlooking the courtyard below.  The design will focus on long-term maintenance and livability using the latest technologies and durable materials, finishes and fixtures.  The new house will provide competitive accommodations and social amenities for 21st century young men, as well as a pleasant living and learning environment. 

4-man Suites

Each suite will have a common area for socializing. It is envisioned that there will be a couch, a couple of chairs, a television and other technology typical of today's college student. There will be a counter area for a microwave and small refrigerator and a bathroom with sink, shower and bathroom.   Two drains will be in each bathroom, one in the shower and one in the floor in the sink area. Off of the common area of the suite will be two 2-man study rooms that will also contain the beds. The furniture in these sleep/study rooms will be provided by the Corporation Board and will be “heavy duty” loft/desk structures complete with drawers and file cabinets for study material. Each room will have two built in closets with drawers for the men to keep their clothes and other personal belongings. All study rooms will be wired for internet access. 


Garden Level (16 men)

Garden Level Plan

Theater Room – a multiple tiered 24 person theater/television room

Recreation Room – Pool table, ping-pong table, foose-ball table

Four 4-man Suites will be located on this floor


First Floor (4 men)

First Floor PlansCyber Study Café – This is envisioned to be a 24X7 individual or group study area. Just as you would walk into a coffee shop, order your coffee, and connect to the wireless network and start working or studying, this room in the house will offer those same features except the coffee is free!! 

Dining Room – This is envisioned to be a formal dining room that can be secured when not in use. There will be seven 8-man round tables that can be expanded to 10-man tables when required to serve a larger groups of people.

Library and Small Reading Room – Complete with large conference room table, screen and overhead technology, this room is envisioned to be used by larger study groups. As the library, the smaller room of the two is envisioned to be a reading room for individuals that really want a quit place to study or read.

Great Room – Multiple couches, chairs, tables and grand piano, this is the “showcase” room in the new house, the first room you see when you walk in the front door.

House Directors Apartment – Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living area.

Kitchen – Fully operational kitchen capable of preparing 9 meals a week (4 dinners, 5 lunches) along with a breakfast buffet (cereal, toast, milk) for 55 men (full capacity of the house) as well as larger groups of people that will occur over special weekends.

Chef’s Office – For a full-time chef who will need an office for meal planning, ordering food, etc.

One 4-man Suite will be located on this floor which will be handicap-accessible.


Second Floor (23 Men)

Second Floor Plans

Study Room – All the study spaces in the house will be “quite” zones. The spaces will be equipped with desks/tables and chairs, internet accessibility, decorated appropriately, all conducive to serious individual studying.

Officer's Suite – Similar to the 4-man suite. This room will be configured to house 2 or 3 brothers envisioned to be at least the Consul and roommates.

Five 4-man Suites are located on this floor


Third Floor (12 Men)

Third Floor Plan

Study / Meeting Room - These spaces will be equipped with desks/tables and chairs, internet accessibility, decorated appropriately, all conducive to serious individual studying. All the study spaces in the house will be “quite” zones.

Two 6 - man Suites will be located on this floor.