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    Johnny Orr
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    Ben Savage
  • Luke Bryan
    Luke Bryan
  • Bret Baier
    Bret Baier
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    Neal McDonough
  • Ditka Mike
    Mike Ditka
  • Brad Pitt
    Brad Pitt
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    Brian Dennehy
  • DavidLetterman5
    David Letterman
  • JohnWayne1
    John Wayne


Sigma Chi



Entertainment & Media


John Wayne

Most famous American Actor; 100’s of feature movies

Southern California, 1929

David Letterman

TV personality, The Late Show with David Letterman

Ball State, 1969

Brad Pitt

Actor; Fight Club

Missouri, 1986

Tom Selleck

Actor; Magnum, P.I, Blue Bloods

Southern California, 1967

Luke Bryan

Country Musician and Songwriter

Georgia Southern, 1999

Ty Burrell

Actor, Director; Modern Family

Oregon, 1987

Jim Caviezel

Actor, The Passion of the Christ

Washington, 1990

Eric Close

Actor; Without a Trace

Southern California, 1989

Neal McDonough

Actor; Band of Brothers

Syracuse, 1988

Brian Dennehy

Tony Award-winning Actor

Columbia, 1960

Bret Baier

Chief White House Correspondent; Fox News

DePauw, 1992

Greg Gutfeld

Host Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld; Fox News

California, 1987

Clayton Morris

Host, Fox & Friends; Fox News

Pittsburgh, 1999

Clarence Gilyard

Actor; Top Gun; Walker, Texas Ranger

California State-Long Beach, 1981

Tony Hale

Actor, Arrested Development

Samford, 1992

Woody Harrelson

Emmy-nominated Actor

Hanover College, 1983

Archie Kao

Actor; Chicago P.D., CSI

George Mason, 1996

Pat Kilbane

Comedic Actor

Beloit College, 1990

Andy Rooney

CBS News Commentator; 60 Minutes

Colgate, 1942

Bob Trumpy

NBC Sports Color Commentator

Utah, 1967

Steve Weissman

ESPN Host, SportsCenter

Northwestern, 2001

John McWethy

ABC News Emmy-winning Correspondent

DePauw, 1969

Milton Caniff

Cartoonist: Terry and the Pirates, Steve Canyon

Ohio State, 1930

Mike Peters

Cartoonist: Mother Goose, Grimm; Dayton Daily News

Washington in St. Louis, 1965

Patrick Muldoon

Actor; Melrose Place, Starship Troopers

Southern California, 1991

Brett Murphy

Actor; Fever Pitch, Damages, Saturday Night Live

Pittsburgh, 2014

Ben Savage

Actor; Boy Meets World

Stanford, 2004

Warren Beatty

Actor; Bonnie & Clyde, Reds

Northwestern, 1959

William Christopher Actor; M.A.S.H. Wesleyan, 1981
Ted McGinley Actor; Married with Children Southern California, 1981
Keith Bilbrey Radio; Announcer on the Grand Ole Opry Tennessee Tech, 1974
Lee Norris Actor; One Tree Hill Wake Forest, 2004
Evan Farmer TV Host, While You Were Out Tulane, 1995
Fred Newman Actor, Voice Actor & Composer; Who Framed Roger Rabbit Georgia, 1974
Buster Crabbe Actor; Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon; Olympic Swimmer Southern California, 1931
Clancy Brown Film Actor; Highlander, The Shawshank Redemption Northwestern, 1981
Joseph Scott Actor Iowa State, 2010




Drew Brees

NFL Player.  2010 Super Bowl MVP

Purdue, 2001

Mike Ditka

NFL Player, Coach. Pro Football Hall of Fame

Pittsburgh, 1961

Merlin Olsen

NFL Player. Pro Football Hall of Fame

Utah State, 1962

Bob Griese

NFL Player. Pro Football Hall of Fame

Purdue, 1967

Brad Culpepper

NFL Player

Florida, 1992

Drew Bennett

NFL Player

UCLA, 2001

Jim Everett

NFL Player

Purdue, 1986

Sean Payton

NFL Head Coach

Eastern Illinois, 1987

Urban Meyer

NCAA Football Coach

Cincinnati, 1986

Mike Holmgren

NFL Coach and Team President

Southern California, 1970

Woody Hayes

NCAA Football Coach. College Football Hall of Fame

Denison, 1935

Hank Stram

NFL Head Coach. Pro Football Hall of Fame

Purdue, 1945

Lou Saban

NFL Head Coach

Indiana, 1944

Johnny Majors

NCAA Football Coach. College Football Hall of Fame

Tennessee, 1957

Fred Akers

NCAA Football Coach

Arkansas, 1959

Bronko Nagurski

NFL Player. Pro Football Hall of Fame

Minnesota, 1930

Hopalong Cassady

NFL Player. 1955 Heisman Trophy

Ohio State, 1956

T.J. Yates

NFL Quarterback, Houston Texans

North Carolina, 2011

Kliff Kingsbury

NCAA Football Coach

Texas Tech, 2002

Jim Finn

NFL Player

Pennsylvania, 1999

John Robinson

NFL Head Coach

Oregon, 1958

Kenneth "Bud" Adams

Owner of Tennessee Titans

Kansas, 1944







Jim Palmer

MLB Player. Baseball Hall of Fame

Arizona State, 1967

Bill Buckner

MLB Player

Southern California, 1972

Mark DeRosa

MLB Player

Pennsylvania, 1997

Skip Schumaker

MLB Player

California-Santa Barbara, 2000

Josh Willingham

MLB Player

North Alabama, 1999

Tom Seaver

MLB Player

Southern California, 1967

Bobby Valentine

MLB Player, Manager. ESPN analyst

Southern California, 1972

Dick Groat

MLB Player

Duke, 1953

Bill Werber

MLB Player

Duke, 1930

Joe Gordon

MLB Player, Baseball Hall of Fame

Oregon, 1936







Brad Brownell

NCAA Basketball Coach

DePauw, 1991

Bryan Colangelo

NBA Team President and General Manager

Cornell, 1987

Gavin Maloof

NBA, WNBA Owner. Maloof Sports & Entertainment

Chattanooga, 1978

Johnny Orr

NCAA Basketball Coach

Beloit College, 1951

Eric Piatkowski

NBA Player

Nebraska, 1993

Jack Sikma

NBA Player, Assistant Coach

Illinois Wesleyan, 1976

Eddie Sutton

NCAA Basketball Coach

Oklahoma State, 1958

Jay Wright

NCAA Basketball Coach

Bucknell, 1983

Stan Albeck

NBA Head Basketball Coach

Bradley, 1955

Michael Gearon

Board of Managers, Atlanta Spirit LLC

Georgia, 1986







Luke Donald

Professional golfer, PGA Tour

Northwestern, 2001

Casey Martin

Professional golfer, PGA Tour, NCAA Golf Coach

Stanford, 1995

Bo Van Pelt

Professional golfer, PGA Tour

Oklahoma State, 1998




Other Sports



Eric Fonoimoana

Gold Medalist-Men's Beach Volleyball, 2000 Olympics

UCSB, 1993

Billy Packer

CBS Sports Sportscaster

Wake Forest, 1962

T.J. Middleton

Tennis professional

Georgia, 1990

Dike Eddleman

Silver medalist, 1948 Olympics; NBA All-Star

Illinois, 1949

Tony Trabert

Tennis Champion, International Tennis Hall of Fame member

Cincinnati, 1952

O'Neill Williams Professional Fisherman and Outdoor Personality Emory, 1965

US Government



Jon Huntsman, Jr

Governor of Utah; US Ambassador to China

Pennsylvania, 1987

Jim Brady

White House Press Secretary (Reagan)

Illinois, 1962

Stanley K. Hathaway

Secretary of Interior (Ford)

Wyoming, 1946

Bert Lance

Director, Office of Management and Budget (Carter)

Georgia, 1952

William P. Rogers

Secretary of State (Nixon)

Colgate, 1934

Ron Ziegler

White House Press Secretary (Nixon)

Southern California, 1961

James Abdnor

Senator, South Dakota

Nebraska, 1945

Lamar Alexander

Senator, Tennessee

Vanderbilt, 1962

J. William Fulbright

Senator, Arkansas

Arkansas, 1924

Jake Garn

Senator, Utah

Utah, 1954

Barry Goldwater

Senator, Arizona. Republican Presidential nominee

Arizona, 1932

Ike Skelton

Congressman, Missouri

Missouri, 1953

Jon Jarvis

Director of the US National Park Service, 2009-Present

William & Mary, 1975







Jon Huntsman, Sr.

Philanthropist; Founder Huntsman Corporation

Pennsylvania, 1959

Jeff Arnold

Founder and former CEO of WebMD

Georgia, 1991

Kirk Cordill

CEO of BMW China

Hillsdale College, 1992

AD. "Pete" Correll

Chairman and CEO, Georgia-Pacific Corporation

Georgia, 1963

David Dillon

CEO of Kroger

Kansas, 1973

Gordon Gould

Laser inventor; National Inventors Hall of Fame

Union College, 1941

Kenneth Langone

Co-Founder Home Depot

Bucknell, 1957

J. Willard Marriott, Jr .

President of Marriott International

Utah, 1954

Christopher Nassetta

President and CEO of Hilton Worldwide

Virginia, 1984

William DeVries

Performed first successful artificial heart implant

Utah, 1966

Hector A. "Tico" Perez

National Commissioner, Boy Scouts of America

Central Florida, 1983







COL Charles Beckwith

Credited for creating Delta Force

Georgia, 1952

CPT Maurice Britt

Congressional Medal of Honor

Arkansas, 1941

TSgt Forrest Vosler

Congressional Medal of Honor

Syracuse, 1948







John W. Young

Astronaut: Gemini, Apollo, Space Shuttle

Georgia Tech, 1952

Greg Harbaugh

Astronaut:  Space Shuttle

Purdue, 1978

Scott Altman

Astronaut:  Space Shuttle

Illinois, 1981