Sigma Chi at Iowa State University

Should You Join a Fraternity?

Becoming a member of a Greek organization at Iowa State University is much more than just a social outlet. Being Greek means you will get more out of your college experience. Here are some advantages:

Advantage #1 – Friendship and Brotherhood

You’ll meet men of various backgrounds with both similar and different interests. Only the fraternity atmosphere fosters the close bonds of friendship and brotherhood. These relationships are deeper than going to parties, more meaningful than wearing the same letters.

Advantage #2 – Academics

These days, academics and learning are paramount for us in Sigma Chi. We have a minimum GPA requirement of 2.5 to join our chapter. We promote sound study habits and all our members participate in our study tables. Every semester, we regularly place several members on the ISU Dean’s List.

Advantage #3 – Leadership

Gain leadership experience and knowledge at Sigma Chi. We are self-governing and rely on our members talents and ambition for successful chapter management. Serving as an officer develops leadership skills in the areas of self-responsibility, decision making, and communication. Some Sigma Chis become active in campus leadership roles, many of which are not available to non-Greeks.

Advantage #4 – Social Activities

Homecoming, Yell Like Hell, Date Nights, Formals, Theme Parties, and Greek Week. We pride ourselves on the ability to help our fellow brothers develop socially and learn to have fun in a safe environment.

Advantage #5 – Community Service

Sigma Chi spends time each term helping others in need.

Advantage #6 – Athletics

Sigma Chi participates in competitive intramural sports and Greek tournaments. We’re a ready-made group for intramural sports or a ball game on a Sunday afternoon.

Advantage #7 – Career Networking

A fantastic membership benefit is the relationships you’ll make with alumni. This means opportunities for career networking and mentoring, not only with your initial job search but also throughout your career. As one of the largest fraternities in the nation, Sigma Chi has more alumni chapters in the US and Canada than any other fraternity and because their undergraduate experience was so meaningful to them, alumni translate it into continued involvement after graduation.